I realized I am just a support character. I can’t be the main character. I do not have the traits to be one. But I think I can be a good support player.  I was built that way.

No matter how hard I try, I can not break away from my weaknesses. It is hard for me to be relied as the main man. So I might as well build on my strengths. It just sucks sometimes when I am powerless to change a certain situation.

I think I do my best work when my teammates have faith in me and understand my strengths. My strengths are to strengthen their strengths, supporting and releasing them to do their thing.

But maybe I can be a main player in some situations.. that is yet to be confirmed..

Let me share some stuff from the LFCLand forums. As always, only the best from there!

This pic was photoshopped from the Rafa’s zen-like pose during the penalties against Chelsea. Pure class!

Another thread is on how players look when they are younger. Some of them are so cute! Here are some of the more notable ones.

Fat Frank!!