Listening to.. Good Charlotte‘s new album “Good Morning Revival”. Not bad. It has a few songs to cater for the mainstream audience, which made me think that they became sellouts at first. But that’s just a couple of songs. They still retain their own sound and the album sounds great.

What a holiday it has been! Apart from the Monday, the past few days of holidays has been wonderful. Managed to do quite a bit in that short amount of time. I didn’t go outstation like some of you.. going to KK, Melaka, Redang, etc. Maybe next time when I have more resources 🙂

Met up with YueMing on Monday night. We went for chicken rice at Jalan Gasing. It’s interesting how they use handhelds and SAP for a chicken rice shop. We then proceeded to Ol’ Skool for a drink. It’s on the same row of shops, which is of his hangout spots. Notably, he did most of the drinking. lol.

The place, living up to its name, plays a lot of old songs. They have a good crowd and they are pretty friendly too. Haven’t gone out with him for about 2 years so we had lots of stories to share. Wong Bee Suan. Sigh.. 😛 The sux thing about going out with him that time is I missed the trip to Kokok, which I initiated -_- AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

It wasn’t so bad. At least I had the chance to try the yong tau fu / pei tan chuk (century egg poridge) place in Taman Paramount the next morning after a healthy game of badminton. We were supposed to go to the Sunrise duck rice at first. But it was closed, so we had to settle for 2nd choice. Nonetheless, it was pretty good. It’s right next to the dim sum place.. speaking of which, I haven’t had enough of myself 🙂

Had steamboat at MunShan’s place yesterday. It was.. interesting.. getting to know a few ppl better. However I am sorry I can’t stand that sort of thing for too long. I’d rather lepak in the house watching tv like i did later on. Hehe!

Guaisaujai sent me some games from the Adult Swim website. If you like animation and/or online games, this one is definitely for you. The games are themed on anime on the Adult Swim network. The standard of the games and animation is really high. I particularly like their games from the Full Metal Alchemist anime.

“I’m sure that experienced defenders aren’t supposed to be as handsome as Paolo Maldini. But then you look at Gattuso and you realise who’s been doing all his dirty work over the years!”
ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley on Man Utd v Milan.

I’ll let the MSN nicknames tell the story..

King Adrock – outclassed@SanSiro

Knowing it when they’ve been beaten by the Milan masterclass

ShiaoPeng – Here’s a treble: 0-3

Optimism vs realism.

Jonathan Tan – We’ll be celebrating the champions next Sat.

At least they’ve got that.

Wai Onn @ KL – The REDS in final again! Yahoo ..

And we’ve got this.

@shwin – Liverpool + AC Milan = dead

I fear revenge. Choosing between Man Utd and Milan is like voting at the election – choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

Cool Magnetic Earring

Fiona’s got this nick. That happened when Felicia used 2 pieces of magnet to make an earring. Finally they’ve put their brains to some use.

Geri – *bleugh* almost feels like Monday! Nvm, only 2 days until weekend..

Indeed. After all, it’s..

*婷: Dreaming.. * – golden week