Caught Wild Hogs today. Although the critic’s reviews weren’t good for the movie, the users reviews were pretty good. It’s actually quite entertaining and worth a watch.

Did the following quizes at the noodleshop.

  1. Super Hero Quiz
  2. Super Villain Quiz

I am 75% the Flash and 62% the Joker. Woo hoo! But I don’t like the Joker.. I prefer the next closest match. Venom! Spiderman 3 will be interesting. I just found out today that the 2005 Venom movie was not about the comic Venom. I almost watched it presuming otherwise. Haha!

I had KFC twice for dinner in as many days. Satisfaction. I noticed the Summit KFC’s chicken is better than its Taipan/USJ10 counterpart. Stupid also mentioned that the rice is not bad. Tempted to check it out some time.. but I think I had enough KFC to last me a month.

Uh I terasa. Why didn’t anyone call me? First there was the party which I didn’t know anything about. I was even asked for someone else’s phone number =.= Then there was the yummy dinner. ARGH!! >.<

… joy in serving | not taking it seriously …A recent Al-Jazeera’s Every Woman program covering apostasy in Malaysia. Tq U KB.