Heroes is finally back after a long 7 week hiatus. I managed to get my hands (or eyes) on it and it only made me thirst for more! All this have been made possible by Heropedia YewWing and Pirate King ShadowCaster. Hurray!

I got Charlene’s car clamped. 😳 I’ve been making a fuss out of her buying the parking tickets as I thought it was troublesome to get them and then claim for them. I haven’t displayed my season parking paper for a long time anyway and haven’t gotten clamped myself. She was just the unlucky one .. on the day she decided not to buy the ticket, she got clamped.

Not happy enough to go lucky, and not brave to enough to be receive fortune’s favour.. !

I had to trouble countless ppl to help me settle my income tax. I am lousy in all these things, and the price of my ignorance/bliss had to be paid by someone else. I value everyone’s help in getting me there. Arigato gozaimasu. Until next year..