Yesterday was Friday the 13th. We got table 4 at Kim Gary. I had the L14 seat in cinema 4 in TGV. I am not a superstitious guy but we’ve got to watch out too sometimes, you know?

I had some pretty hard luck. Some jerk smashed my car’s signal light. I don’t know for what reason. Let’s just hope it’s some random thing. I don’t wanna be missing out on someone’s warning and let the same thing happen again.

I also almost hit a motorcyclist in the rain. That fool ran a red light in front of the MPSJ traffic lights and came into my path. Lucky I saw him even in the poor visibility in the rain and braked in time.

French beans! That Rowan Atkinson guy is really funny. The French kid and chick in the movie are quite cute too! Haha šŸ˜›

After 3 hours of badminton today, I am happy to have some exercise. I miss playing sports at a more competitive level.

Sigh, I don’t know what she did but I can’t load my game anymore šŸ˜¦ I only asked her to off the computer. Is it that hard? Somehow my saved game got corrupted and there goes hours of hard work..

Just in case you wonder where all the football in this blog went, they will all go to FlyingKick. I guess that’s a relief for some of you.