Paid a visit to USJ 9’s Restoran Victory Arab Street I mentioned in a previous post. Now I can testify how great their murtabaks are! They serve huge fresh crispy murtabaks at a very reasonable price. I had the sardine one but there’s also mutton, beef and chicken murtabak as well. A definite must-go. It’s on the same row as Ali Berkat near the mosque.

Last night, I was having target practice with Fiona with the small football Digi gave at the last jazz fest. She was hard to hit since she was moving all over the place. Usually I can hit the target quite easily, but since I was holding something I miskicked.. and hit my father in the face. He was sitting there quietly eating his dinner and I hit that shiny bald forehead of his.

What saved me was probably the incontrollable, hysterical laugh of Fiona as she looked at my father’s bemused face. That few seconds was all I need. I darted up stairs before things got out of hand.. and lived to tell you this story today.

Wow! I know of this town, but didn’t know there was this, this, and this too!

Food of the day : Tong Kee’s pei tan sou. Tq PohKiew for paying.