I am currently contributing to Flying Kick (flyingkick.wordpress.com), an awesome football website 😛 After being bored of lazing around at work too much, we decided to go ahead with this little project. Hehe! Do come and visit us, and try to drop a comment or two. Your participation is invaluable! If you want to contribute as well, do let me know 😉

Pimp That Snack! Try it out and I can help you test your creations 😉

A pretty old but interesting Businessweek article on gaming – The New God Game

Was on leave today and it was fun. Had some homemade pizza last night and it was great to just have some customized good ol’ hot-from-the-oven fattening pizza.

Watched Walk The Line, a film about Johnny Cash and June Carter. It was not bad but it was just that. Not bad. I expected more. Oh well, maybe I expect too much.

Next week, Jason will be working at a client’s place OPPOSITE RIO!!! Why can’t I have the luck of being chosen to go there?? It’s just a few minutes from my house and I can sleep longer, driver lesser and claim money! Sigh.. still waiting for my turn..

Back to work tomorrow.. zzz..

Wait.. there’s CL tonight 😀