Not enough sleep. I couldn’t sleep after spending around 80 million Euros in transfers. How exciting! Then my team went on an inconsistent streak and ended up mid-table. 😡 I could only sleep when we won the local derby against Real Madrid.

I only slept around 4 am. At least it’s Friday. Good Friday! I am gonna die. Here is some of the conversation I had with a fellow FM Anonymous member. We should have our meetings more often. Things are going awry in our lives.

yesterday kena from A___
she say lately i dun care bout her
jus stare at my monitor
at first she say “can we talk?”
i was looking at my squad and answered “yeah”
“without you looking at the monitor?”
“nowadays u seem to do ur own thing”
“dun even know im here or care”
i was like…”shit la why everyone SLT”
(including A___)

i was like..come on la..bad enuf half my team pissed gf also pissed off
no choice
have to save game, quit
then go talk to her
but when she talking also i thinking “shit la whoe to play upfront”
and she straight away can tell
say im not concentrating
keep asking me “are u listening to me”
better tone down
if not sure kena one
now its like..sometimes i have to secretly play FM u know
when she sleeping..i curi curi go play

I feel you brother.


Got some more classics :

im going home for a while during lunch
cos i left my handphone at home
need to go get it
(thats jus an excuse for me to go home actually)

“last time my ex cried coz i was reading a comic book instead of looking at her while she talked”

“have that more often and one day we’ll see FM Wives Anonymous”
“FMWAGS Anonymous”

sometimes when a___ tell me
“im so tired tonight can i jus go back n sleep? we hang out another day”
i’ll be like “YES”