Funny woman. Enable audio for best effect.

Anyone fancy some murabak? Charlene alerted me to this Restoran Victory Arab Street of Singaporean fame in USJ9. Tempting..

Wiki : Candy Bar Wendy might be getting some for us! 😀 😀

Interesting topic on LowYat forum (tq Nigam) – Most TAUFU Player of all time

Woodgate ma….not metalgate…sure la easy to break down.

It’s a miracle that Woodgate in my FM team hasn’t gotten injured yet since I signed him 1 and a haf years ago!

Here is a tribute to Roberto Carlos. A compilation of his top 10 goals below.

Another tribute to Ronaldo.. the player from a different planet. Part 2 here.

Watched the PSV game last night. I feel like deadwood now. Lucky I skipped lunch to sleep. Music is keeping me sane.

Chilling out to Bliss’ Afterlife. Tq JW for sending me the whole thing and more.

You’ve just gotta go on with life knowing some ppl hate you.