Liverpool 4 – Arsenal 1

Peter Crouch!! He really proved me wrong when he scored that classy hattrick against a good team in Asenal. I still do not regret calling him Peter Crap. He is made to look lousy without good support from teammates. Anyway Crouchinho proved all his doubters wrong with this sterling performance.

I am so useless sometimes. That day Sherlyn took me to help her to take her new car. She chose the wrong guy cos I am really useless in these things.. cars. I don’t know what to check.. what to do.. or what to say. Sigh..

I might be useless in some things, but I do know a bit of other stuff. It sucks when someone talks to me like he is talking to someone stupid. It’s bad enough he is doing a lousy job, treating me like an idiot won’t make me want to help him any more than I am already helping him with. What an insult.

Good news – have released..
[JAP DUB, ENG HARDSUB] Death Note – The Last Name

Check out Nice site. Wonderful music! I enjoyed her previous album.. and I have a feeling I will enjoy this one as well.

Just downloaded Bon Jovi’s greatest hits album – Crossroads.. plus a few of their more recent hits. Rockin’

Just came back from Murni. It’s my fav place now. Just been there yesterday too! Haha! The mango special is heavenly. Couple it with either the lou shi fun or roti hawaii, and it’s sheer bliss. Discovered a new dish there – nasi goreng chicken chop. It’s nasi goreng, telur mata kerbau, keropok, chicken chop and fries all in one dish! It’s the perfect meal for perpetually starving ppl like me. It’s pretty pricey tho, but still cheaper than William’s food.

Anyway the biggest surprise I had at Murni was.. I met YueMing! After going missing for 2 years, that rascal has finally resurfaced back in Malaysia. We had many theories where he went.. we thought he died, or went to prison, or fled the country or something. He told me he has been around the world and is finally back home. Hope to meet up with him again some time for some badminton or lunch or something πŸ˜€

Ok, time to get back to my life. FM addictiveness rating – time to change your underwear