Can’t sleep. Again. Just penning.. err typing… some thoughts.

I sprained my ankle again. It’s just a little knock. I think it will heal soon. It came as a result of doing something half-heartedly. But I guess it’s a price I have to pay. You can’t go in too wholeheartedly into certain things! Sigh, bad luck ><

My stammering problem got the better of me again. I have trouble pronouncing my own name sometimes. It gets very embarrassing when it happens as I try to introduce myself. The first time I got stuck, the other party asked me if I forgot my own name. The second, I said I’d tell him later which was weird. The third, today, I got a bit smarter and introduced myself as Chan. Ain’t that screwed up? Come on, brain.. function!

Finally caught up to the Zoro vs Hawk Eyes fight in the One Piece anime. The musketeer look-alike vs the Zorro look-alike. Su-gooi!! Everything looks better and feels more real in anime than in manga. Maybe it’s due to my lack of imagination.