Yes, that was how KeeKen’s mom described me. Sigh..

There was a buzz in the office today. Our company received something like a proposed takeover by Axon. Hopefully our salary will increase! Everyone is excited over the future.. But the seniors predicted will be torturous cos of the stressful environment in Axon. Some of the newer contractors are also worried about their future. All the best to them.

We organized a futsal session today. Joanne was the man of the match. She saved many shots as a goalkeeper, except for the one when she ran out to answer a call -_- Anyway it was great fun for me personally and I think everyone had their share of fun.. maybe for the exception of William who got a double-blister and Jared who’s shoe went crocodile.

The worse part is I had 3 dinners. One at McD before the game, one at Steven’s Corner after the game, and one at home cos I forgot to tell my dad not to buy dinner for me. No hope.

Tim Vickery does it again. Another excellent article on the use of full backs. Chun Ming Lew has joined the conference.

squall aow has joined the conference.

Chun Ming Lew: hi willy
Chun Ming Lew: that day we tested the bapi here can generate free goods
Chun Ming Lew: how come now cannot one>
squall aow: there’s no willy here?
Chun Ming Lew: ya hor
squall aow: hor?
Chun Ming Lew: erm..
Chun Ming Lew: i dunno how to explain 😛
alvin: “hor
alvin: “hor” = “la” = no meaning
Chun Ming Lew: ya lo ya lo
alvin: “lo” also
alvin: :$
squall aow: lo i know la…
alvin: haha
squall aow: hahahah.. 😀

Indonesians.. gotta love ’em! haha!