Played badminton on Saturday morning with some colleagues. Surprisingly my shoulder didn’t hurt at all. Wonder if it’s all ok now. Time to test it. Have to get Mark to organize some badminton on Sundays 😀

Warning! The siu loong paus in the NanXiang Mantou Dian in the Curve is not worth eating. It’s the shop opposite Italiannies / Laundry. The prices are extravagant for some puny tasteless food. It can get pretty ridiculous at RM5 for per tiny pau. It’s only the diameter of like a 50 cent coin. However the fried rice is pretty good.. and I heard the tea there is not bad too.

The “durian pancakes” from the Scrumptous Delights shop in front of Giant in Sunway Pyramid are pretty nice. But many durian eaters are purists and nothing can beat the real thing. Had the luck to be treated to some yesterday.. and now I know why it’s called the King of Fruits!

It has been a rather tiring week. Met up with a few old friends. Relived some childhood in the playground at night with Army Amy + Jason and Shaolin Shalyn. Still monkeys more than 10 years later. Met WaiPeng too. She’s still trying different funky stuff in her life. Jared also mentioned she looked very thin.. which is very true.

Work was pretty productive yet tiring. At least we feel useful instead of lazing around and LLB. HuiYing is away for a “week”. Wendy the “tiger” is replacing her. Willy is also gone for a few months. Tomorrow will be quite different.

A lot of my week was also spent on FM which took away a lot of my time for many other things. Ok time to sleep before Wendy and ChunMing torture me tomorrow. I’ll leave you with some excerpts of our magical journey in FM.

a day after Vista crashed..

[23:22] Blinqué: T_T
[23:22] Blinqué: still havent d/l FM yet
[23:22] Blinqué: 96%
[23:22] Blinqué: DAMN SLOW
[23:22] Blinqué: 1.7kB/sex
[23:23] Blinqué: I WASTED whole day today not playing
[23:23] Blinqué: i only have 1 more day left to play
[23:24] Blinqué: im gonna use Atletico also
[23:26] Blinqué: i already plan out everything T_T

[00:02] Blinqué: im so desperate for FM

[00:33] Blinqué: T_T 97.4%
[00:34] Blinqué: this is by far the most painful d/l experience i ever had to go through
[00:34] Blinqué: i expected this morning when iwake up it’ll be done d
[00:34] Blinqué: mana tau…88%
[00:34] Blinqué: and…since this morning 88% until now 97.5%
[00:34] Blinqué: !!!

[00:43] Blinqué: T_T

[01:09] Blinqué: 8MB left ><
[01:10] Blinqué:
ARGH i hate the wait
[01:10] Blinqué: 8kb
[01:10] Blinqué: i downloaded all the face packs
[01:10] Blinqué: logo
[01:10] Blinqué: kits

[01:21] Blinqué: YES
[01:21] Blinqué: 2minutes!!!

[01:27] Blinqué: unzipping all my logos, etc

[01:47] Blinqué: im about to embark on my new atletico journey
[01:47] Blinqué: