Had lunch with Shan the other day. He was in TPM for an interview with Axon (of all companies). Made me think about my career (again).. if and when my current gambit would pay off. I have not been reaping any benefits so far, apart from the “fun” I had with my colleagues. I am still stuck with the same job with the same crappy pay. No projects. No claims. Zzzz…Anyway had a good chat with Willy when sending him back from futsal. He gave a some words of wisdom regarding work and all. I feel much reassured taking my current path and the light at the end of the tunnel just became brighter. Too bad he is leaving for JB next week for some project. We will miss (laughing at) him here at the office.

Speaking of work, YewWing sent me this ERP Of the Century song (available upon request). Lyrics found here. It’s hilarious.. only if you understand it! But you’ll only understand it if you know some SAP.

This is a recent LowYat forum thread on my company O.o

Mix FM’s topic this morning was interesting.. something about women finding problems where there’s none. Most ppl agreed that it’s true. They left out the thing about men being irritating about nothing.

My father was extra nice today. He pissed me off big time last night. I guess he relented as a result of my attack with my own version of the Penance Stare and the classic hunger strike.

My mom is still the most dangerous. Using DOTA terminology, she has a Aphotic Shield which explodes in your face if you attack her too much; and a Critical Strike with her razor sharp tongue. In short, she is indestructible and can hurt you badly in a very short time. DO NOT DISTURB (yeah, right).

Stumbled upon SuperDickery.com where they poke fun at old comics. I can imagine the Justice League in that context. So.. wrong..