Work was crazy for the past week. Next week will be as crazy if not crazier .

alvin: i see stars
alvin: i see dead people
ed: u see stars
ed: that’s good already
ed: i’m seeing only blackhole !

I like this funny article on the ninja-like characteristics of slackers by Brad’s Bits on corporate wisdom for slackers who’s been slacking at work since 2003.

Sphere .. another room escape type puzzle. Fun!

Willy the super nice guy cooked us some of his favourite Indonesian Indomee and some nuggets before futsal that day. The Indomee is like our local Maggi mee with super spicy & concentrated Cintan soup. It’s pretty good. I don’t think our stomachs agree with us on that when we played futsal though. Here a pic of his fav Indon chilli sauce

Visited Magical Theatre Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid for dinner on Friday night. It’s quite a nice place. The food pretty tasty and cheaper than expected, the service was pretty good and the live band was not bad either. Worth a visit.. on birthdays maybe.

Spent most of my weekend at Tapah SU campsite being one with nature and all. Kin Leong pulled a fast one on me when he asked me to shave my legs. He said that it was ugly being that hairy and I look like a yeti. The worst part is we know he meant it. Sigh.. I’ve lost count on how many ppl commented how hairy I am last week.

It’s good to be home after Tapah. Straightaway went for cendol and tong sui and then Williams for dinner. While I was waiting for Erik in the car to tapau something after dinner, I noticed a couple fighting in Mandarin in front of me. That was cool.. the girl was cheating on the guy and powerful words were flying. Too bad the show ended when Erik came back 😦

We were trying to get the name of this catchy song at work. YewWing finally got it. It’s “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes. Music vid below.