Liverpool 0 – Barcacelona 1

Liverpool lost the game but won the tie on away goals after drawing with a 2-2 aggregate. Beating the reigning European & Spanish champions in a team like Barcelona is no mean feat. Rafa really did a great job and worked what seems like magic. My man of the match is Carragher who was immense over the two legs and also in the ManUtd game.

Waking up at 4am in the morning surely has it consequences. At least that was all over with. But it was weird when shadowcaster said he thought the Neem pills I take everyday are pills to keep myself awake -_- The best goal in this round of Champion’s League matches has got to be Mancini’s (below) when Roma beat Lyon by 2 goals to nil.

I started using Athletico Madrid in Football Manager. It’s a fun team to use with many good players, excellent infrastructure in the club and low board/fan expectations. My only problem is there’s not enough money to buy more players! Time has become a commodity in my life.

Even worse, the WOW evangelists are eventually succeeding in gaining a foothold in my life. Mark has been constantly working on me for some time now. I am succumbing to the lure of their promises. It’s just too much.. to.. resist.. I’ll be seeing him again for most of the weekend ><

I got an awesome video for you guys. I present to you.. College Saga! Any gamer or even anyone who has played a RPG (role playing game) will love this, especially those who played Final Fantasy! I only posted the first episode since the original video is 40 mins long and can get pretty draggy.

Met up with KeeYie last night. It was great to see him again, all German and stuff. He is one of the rare fellas I can have a healthy discussion of football with. Jon is another one. We 3 sure talked a lot of football last night, as Kathy can testify. Haha! Poor her.

That’s our fridge at work. You can notice many bottles of beer inside. My boss got that when our client, Carlsberg, gave each director a create of Christmas beers for CNY. Now we’ve got lots of beer but don’t know what to do with them. Recently, some ppl have actually started drinking them at work!!

There’s training again this whole week. Free food! Ah.. tea time is coming 🙂 I also want to try.. Christmas special beer.. with honey..