Happy Cap Goh Mei! A really satisfying day indeed. Had a delightful dim sum breakfast at Paramount Garden. Banished some demons there after a bad experience when I ate there for the first time.

I got a CNY shirt afterall. I got help choosing one.. which I badly needed.. and the best thing is it’s sponsored!

Had a dinner at Baby Seafood at Batu Belah, Klang.

Had to wait for quite a long time in queue before we managed to get a table.

The shop’s speciality is charcoal asam fish with spicy soup which was fantastic.

It comes in a fancy charcoal set to keep it boiling all the time. The soup comes in a separate bowl. We had to keep filling the metal plate (or whatever you call it) with soup.

We couldn’t get enough of the prawns. Their chicken wings, pork ribs and kang kung were also delicious. Total cost? Just RM86 to fill 5 hungry ppl to the brim. Now that’s a real steal!

Just came back from Pat’s house after accompanying him for dinner. He showed around the World Of Warcraft. It is hard to resist a good RPG. Temptation.. I remember the fun-filled days of Diablo. Ah.. the good times! Must.. not.. start..