It has been an enjoyable festive season this Chinese New Year. Many thanks to Kenny, Rachel, Alicia and JW for hosting us in their houses. A few of us in JSPC got together for a lou-sang session this afternoon. It was great to meet a few old faces again. I made a couple of bucks and had lots of laughs this year. My little *ahem* tummy was also very pleased πŸ™‚

Liverpool 0 – Manchester United 1

Liverpool dominated the game, but lost to a last minute goal. That’s football, that’s life. I felt Liverpool lack that quality in the final third of the pitch to really make their dominance count. I kinda felt the sucker punch coming but I couldn’t guess it would be in the final minutes. Even knowing it’s coming doesn’t prevent me from being sick to the stomach when it finally came.

Hopefully, it will all come good in the future.. starting with the Barca game in midweek. In Rafa we trust!

AH! All this football talk is making my football mind itchy. I am downloading the new patches for Football Manager as I type πŸ˜› Goodbye world.