What some Subang residents thought was War of the Worlds or Armageddon around 5am last night was actually a factory fire. Cool! More info here.

He finally broke down. Zangetsu has served me well for 2-3 years. My red Adidas Pulsado has officially died. Hope my black Adidas Bracara can serve me as well as its predecessor. It might just be half a size too big 😦

Haha this clip is so funny. The kid at the back is so cute!

I got some fantastic Liverpool mobile wallpapers here. You have to be a member first. I love you LFCLand!

Reading Paul Tomkin’s An Anfield Anthology – a collection of his writings. I’ve been an avid reader of his articles for years. It’s wonderful to see him doing so well. Hope his health situation improves.

Sigh.. after the Carling Cup handbags, most football fans are sad at the decline in the quality of on field violence. It used to be great to watch, especially in Arsenal and Man Utd games. Sadly as seen in the Carling Cup final, players nowadays don’t have the guts for a good ol’ fashioned elbow or stamp. What’s worse, players nowadays are simulating injuries. Such wusses.

That said, let’s just keep the violence on the pitch. It’s no good for innocent bystanders to get hurt. Here’s a video clip as tribute to some of our past heroes.