After a long holiday, we are supposed to come back to work reenergized having sufficient rest. However it’s always the reverse that is the case.

An Inconvenient Truth – The trailer caught my attention. Looks like another effective movie to raise awareness.

Funniest Laugh Ever – It really is pretty funny! hyuk hyuk hyuk!!

Shinsen-Radio BETA – A very cool online anime radio station. I like the easy-to-use request system. Thanks to bardicknowledge for the heads-up.

Anime On Demand TV – Stream a wide seleciton of anime for FREE. This is absolutely insane. Downside? Our average Streamyx home connection can’t handle this. But our office can… – Another source of anime OSTs.

Pizza Party(geek) – A command line program for ordering pizza. No way!!!

I am hooked to Klang’s Hock Bee Hiong dried meat. It’s by far the best dried meat I’ve had these couple of years. Yummy! Try to get some if you can. Just ask any Klang person who should know Hock Bee Hiong. Why are so many nice things in Klang? So far!! Going there this weekend for seafood 🙂

Listening to.. The Very Best of Sheryl Crow

Some people are paid big money to make big decisions. Average people hate making decisions. They don’t like to carry responsibilities. Rather they don’t want to bear the consequences which accompanies a bad decision. Whereelse some people are just plain indecisive. But that’s another story altogether.

Maybe I’ve become scared of making decisions. Taking risks. Taking responsibility. I am not the carefree guy I once was. I am not used to handling the amount of responsibilities with the commitments I made. It has even trickled to making small decisions. But I guess you can say that’s part of growing up. Now let me handle this one step at a time.