Fat or not? You decide. I say he is dangerously fat.

Rocky Balboa was good entertainment for me. Not too much drama, not too many flashbacks, not too much gore. That’s just enough of each to entertain me. That’s enough. Good show.

Now I realize it’s not just the rushing that caused the accident. A lot of it was from frustration. Frustration over things beyond my control (disputable). It’s a fine line between being too “passionate” about something and too “cold-blooded”. I can’t find the right words for them.

Tonight I was frustrated with my mom. Actually it’s more with myself. I can’t even write properly. It’s only a letter. My signature is always screwed up too. That’s why I prefer to type.

I guess I have to accept the facts. Jason will always be a snail (I can’t decide if the tortoise is slower), my mom’s tongue will always be piercing, and I will always drive dangerously when you piss me off. The end. Now go get me a sponge car before I kill someone.