Yesterday I went bowling for the first time in my life. It wasn’t as embarrassing as I expected, though I was pretty bad. Oh well! All in good fun, I guess. Then Andrew Tan called me at 3.50pm for 4pm futsal.

It was nice to keep some momentum going for my game, besides burning all the amassed calories during CNY. There are still so many aspects of my play to improve! I know I am good, but just good. I am not very good, and a long way off from being great. I think I know what is missing. There’s so much work to be done!

I was reading about the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, and it looks like a very interesting place to visit. It’s full of fascinating history as the one of the oldest capitals of Europe. The city’s magnificent architecture is a mark of its great history which spanned many centuries. Pretty nice name for a city too.

My music, check their songs out (available upon request) if you’ve got a minute or two :

  • Nerina Pallot – cool new discovery! | “we are geeks but we know this is love..”
  • Tamia – rewind back to some great R&B | “I’m officially missing you..”

This week’s BBC Quotes Of The Week was excellent. Lots of Arsenal jokes šŸ˜†

Barcelona 1 – Liverpool 2

Barcelona were crap. Liverpool were also crap. But it was still an entertaining match in a funny way. Since the Lille-ManUtd incident, any free kick in range of goal had the referee pointing furiously to his whistle! Haha! The standard of officiating was consistently poor in this game too. You’d think the referee needs to change his job to officiate lawn-bowling. There’s no contact between the players, the action is slower and he can then stand nearer to the field to have a clue to what’s happening.