What an eventful night! Went for a drink with some old friends and ended up spending the whole night with them.

Catt’s car battery died. The engineers at Kenny’s house tried everything they could, before they gave up and the car insurance service came to replace it. He is the hero who can drive to other ppl’s house after a jump-start and also the one who can proudly say “I’ve been awake since this morning!

He also taught us to play Texas Hold ‘Em with his huge pile of 20sen chips. A very interesting game. As a beginner, I lost my pile of chipsnot even halfway through the first round and had to live on loan from kind-hearted souls. However by some good fortune, I somehow managed to win the 2nd round!

Keith taught me how to play firecrackers. He had many stories about the many misadventures of the ppl he know with firecrackers. Hope we didn’t wake up a few angry ppl in the middle of the night! Don’t worry, no one got hurt and nothing got damaged.

The night ended with an intense game of 4v4 DOTA at the USJ 4 cybercafe against some friendly Malay dudes. The game lasted for almost 2 hours. Both teams were equally matched and somehow we managed to nick the win 😀 My adrenaline is still raging within me and I can’t sleep at 530 am.

Tomororw is gonna be another long day.

Play it again, Sam – interesting insight on Barca. I can’t wait for the Champions League tie tomorrow! Hope we can give a good account of ourselves.

After all those funny vids, here’s some vids of skill.

my fav assists. love the song – “my fav things”

trick free kick compilation

magic volleys

super duper kai to the MAX goal