There’s nothing like burger for supper, topped off with some ice cream.

Sometimes we can say some people are just unreliable. Think some more and you can say those people are actually just as unreliable as your importance (or the agenda’s) to them. Either that or you can generalize and say that most unreliable people are simply inconsiderate, not because you mean nothing to them. Just some thoughts.

Had a “romantic” lunch with William because the table where the others are sitting is full. So it was just the two of us. He made an interesting observation that most of our offsite development team (ODT) guys have girlfriends. Hmm, there’s hope for us geeks after all! lol

Been a while since I played futsal on Friday evenings. Today’s was played at a very high level. Our team didn’t actually do well. For the first 2 games we didn’t set off on the right foot and didn’t win them. Can’t remember if we drew or lost either though. We didn’t have enough warm up. But that’s just a bad excuse. However our play did improve with time.

We played the best team in our third game. They were steamrolling all the other teams and were scoring heaps of goals. Inzaghi from the USJ4 field was there. How do kids grow up so fast? Anyway we played well and matched them stride for stride. We failed to captialize on our chances and were unlucky not to get ahead. Then in the very last minute, an individual mistake cost us and we conceded a goal. Oh well! At least we had fun!

More good stuff as promised. This time, I bring you the more physical aspect of the game.

Big Hits. Yes, football can be a danger to mankind. One of the best videos.. with great accompanying music too!

Sexy football (18sx). X-rated but very real scenes. Brace yourself for the last one though. It’s pretty nasty!!

Lastly, a video of everyone’s favourite player Robbie Savage taking some of his own medicine. 😈