When most would complain or give up in those situations, he never stopped working. Or when faced with an easy situation, he’s as ruthless as ever.

He always plays for the underdogs. He always carries the team with him. But when he plays for the big shots, he doesn’t seem to be as effective. I think I realize.. and appreciate his contribution now. I think I now understand where he gets his passion.

I am gonna take a leaf out of his book. I’ve been so inconsistent. I was using a lot of my head but there’s not enough of desire and passion to win. I guess I should learn never to throw in the towel, no matter what situations I find myself in. That’s what I expect of Liverpool anyway .. I am such a hypocrite!

I think I need to redevelop my dribbling again. Recently the teams I play for need an attacker and I’ve been found wanting. I’ve played too much as the defensive and playmaking last man. It’s time to be Peter Petrelli and remember how to dribble again! Time to reinvent myself again. If I only have a time to practice..

THANK YOU FOR THE MAGAZINE!! This is great stuff. Got UEFA’s award winning Champions magazine as a gift. That’s 114 pages of good stuff. I am having a footballgasm.

The best vids are posted today.. you must watch these!

Funny football moments.. 🙄

Comedy football.. 😀

Animals in football !!!! SUPER VID!!!