Blinqué says (10:08 AM):
feel like playing FM says (10:09 AM):
i saw someone playing yesterday
Blinqué says (10:09 AM):
lets play
during CNY
😛 says (10:09 AM):
there goes one week
lol says (10:11 AM):
dun la dun la
Blinqué says (10:12 AM):
i d/led the FM patches >.< says (10:12 AM):
what team u gonna use? ><

Then he gave me this great FM site! – FMFormation – what a babe!

FengSui Poga – It’s pretty good! Saw it on MTV a few times, but this one is the best.

Happy Single Awareness Day!! Haha! Got influenced by the Morning Crew on for that one. They really did a good job of shoo-ing some Valentine’s blues for some of their listeners by poking fun at all the Valentine’s stuff.

Rachel brought up a very good point in having to be careful who we wish. Nanti terasa. Sure girls one la.. sensitive siut. Can’t blame them, their stock decrease with time. But guys’ stock increase 😛 Not to say I wish guys Happy Valentine’s also. So ghey!

Anyway it’s always as Shadowcaster said, “That’s what friends are for”.