That baby is cute!

Jason Law sent me that link. He is also the one who said..

Jason Law: damn!
Jason Law: tomolo valentine!!!

He is gonna buy her a fake diamond “for fun”. HAHA! Funny la! But he’s been with her for 4 years. So all’s good!

Talking to my colleague about work on YM..

alvin: mati la
Noel Gosiengfiao: hey and i’m not chinese or malaysian ha so i dnt understand ‘mati’..hehehe

Then why is his name Gosiengfiao? Go Sieng Fiao? I was tricked by Charlene! Then only I found out he is Fillipino. Many of them have very funky names. Can’t think of any now.

Played futsal with Joanne’s ex-colleagues. They were supposed to be old men, aunties and kids. The old man is pro, the aunties are just Joanne and Elsa.. and the “kid” is bigger size than me. Too much!!