Aerosmith are rocking my world.

Maxis has been screwy lately. So if you can’t get me on my mobile, it’s not my fault! Please try again..

Joanne has left the office for a client’s place. But she’s just moved one floor down. Sherlyn left for that place too last week. Who is next? The office felt very empty today. So many colleagues have been sent out. Lionel, my boss, asked for my resume today. I think he only got to know my name today! Anyway I wonder if I will be next. Hope I will go somewhere further from office.. then I can CLAIM. clams clams clams..

I’ve caught up to the latest chapter of One Piece manga. That’s all 444 chapters of them till date. Have been recommended MangaHelpers to download any further issues for this series. You can see that I’ve been working pretty hard 😉

Argh! Liverpool drew with Everton and lost to Newcastle. Those were unexpectedly bad results. They failed to take their chances and lack a clinical edge in the games. The midfield was underpowered as well with a host of left sided midfielders injured.

On the treatment table are Gonzalez, Garcia, Aurelio and Kewell. Gerrard can’t play on the left because there’s no one else to play in the centre with Sissoko and Zenden just returning from injury and Alonso suspended from the last game. Zenden played on the left against Newcastle and honestly, I don’t see a future for him at Anfield.

We need a striker. Peter Crap is, well, crap. Fowler is old. Bellamy and Kuyt are not bad.. but we can’t expect too much out of them. I wonder if the Americans will do anything about this.