I had a dream a couple of days ago. It had me and my colleagues in it in some army thingy. To cut a long story short, we were having a physical training session and a suicide bomber came with a bazooka. He shot his bazooka at point blank range. I flew fowards and hit a truck. I didn’t die but I couldn’t feel my legs after that.

I guess I didn’t react fast enough to that guy. I saw it coming, but was waiting for an action to counter with a reaction. I guess that’s one way my brain works.

Another way my brain works : When I had the accident, I was paying too much attention to the cars around me I didn’t notice the car in front me stopping. I gotta keep my eyes on the road more often!

Those were a couple of pix and an accompanying video from the Sweet Bean restaurant mentioned in an earlier post. Not only the tong sui, most of the food there were great! I’d very much like to go back there again. You can see we had a bit of fun with the tong sui 😉

Here’s an old XBox ad. It’s still pretty cool.

Fun with scripts in Firefox with GreaseMonkey.

Not a good idea to be trying this in the first place. A teatime love bite.

An iPhone commercial? You can use it for almost everything.

Tony vs Paul. Jason was raving about this vid. I see why.

Went to KL today! Had air mata kucing, Hakka mee, yau char kuai, and the best tau fu fa in the world. Did some sort of shopping too. A quick and rewarding trip! I miss that place. Met a few familiar faces there too! I will be paying that place another visit with shaolin shalyn, army amy and the player. Hopefully soooooon. Cepat cepat!