I finally got my taufufa this morning in USJ 11. Hurray!But.. I miss my kai yi dou.. or that juicy part above the drumstick. My past few chicken-eating experiences in hope of having one has proved unsuccessful, be it KFC or USJ9 nasi lemak ayam. I guess I have now made a conscious effort to have it sooner, rather than later!

KFC! Korean Fried Chicken.. soo.. tempting…

MTV! Pimp my toilet!

I spent some time on Friendster today. More than I’ve ever spent in years. So many faces. In some of my male friends’ pictures, their girlfriend is also in the picture and occupies most of it.. and the guy only a measly 1/3.  You can see how big a part their gf play in their lives through this! Poor chaps. Haha! The same concept applies the other way around too 😉 Amusing.

charlene tan: fred is Ivan’s rubber duckie 😛

That solves one mystery. That unsolved Friendster saga has been running for years.