Listening to some Johnny Cash. That legend!

I want this toy!

We played this shooting game in office. Pretty cool, especially if you are a bit stressed with your colleagues 😉

Surfing on Flickr is fun. Found quite a lot of amusing photos. Here’s a list of my favs.

I didn’t really know what XOXO was.. until just recently.. Sigh..

These two Americans have bought over Liverpool Football Club. That spices things up a little. More possibilites are around the corner. How interesting.

Dr M’s DIY on YouTube featured on JeffOoi. How cool! throughout the years – Apple’s home pages along the years. A photoset on Flickr

Hiroshima, the pictures they didn’t want us to see – brace yourselves!

Topic of the day during lunch time is Sherlyn’s “100% Virgin Pulp” tissue paper. We really made the most out of it.. like how we would go the Carrefour to ask for “100% virgin” tissue paper.. and how it must be a “Big Saver”. Then we discovered this on a tissue box in my car.

That’s almost as funny as Willy mistakenly calling Devender as “defender”.