It’s been a crazy week at the office. Well it isn’t over yet. So far so good. Hope we don’t screw up at the vital final stages. I still semangat after she called me “bright”. Haha!

They said I should’ve learned my lesson in rushing. I learned my lesson in how to rush. I don’t think I can ever “not rush”. I guess I am simply not built that way.

From my previous post regarding some of my favourite artists, these 3 songs are some of my all time favourites.

This is a another song about drug abuse which I like. The music video is not too bad too. Catch it here!

Evokes my semangat feelings/memories when I had sleeping problems in my younger teenage days. Emo stuff!

A rockin’ song with one of my all-time favourite music videos. You can watch it here!

Futsal yesterday was wonderful. I scored a hattrick of long shots, the last one being the last goal. Beautiful peaches of goals! Ok I should stop being so full of myself. It was great to play with the dudes again. Here’s the Sportplanet’s gentle toilet.

Pat the no-lifer spent us dinner after that. Ah.. he is so rich now. He’s even richer since he doesn’t go out much after he sold his life to WOW. Going offshore sure has its perks. Alex is going off on Tuesday to the Thailand project . I wonder if my turn will come.. and where will I go.. and for how long ?

Caught The Holiday a couple of days ago. It’s pretty good light hearted stuff. After that I got a call from Andrew who asked me about a song of which he only knows the tune of and a couple of words. It was Shayne Ward‘s “No Promises”. His voice stuck in my head for some time after that -_-

Why do some ppl like to laugh at me? Stress la! I also (obviously) dislike ppl asking stuff I’m uncomfortable about.. or dont wanna admit. No matter how true it is. As a result I scold them, then they get pissed. Haha!