She had something like “YEAY~~~~! IT’S FRIDAY” on her personal message thingy on MSN.

Rach says (9:01 AM):
ok ok… change redi! 😛 yah i know… so sad…
the saving grave is that this week is only 4 days of work! says (9:02 AM):

Don’t watch Epic Movie! I don’t know how it got to the top of the US movie charts. The ratings for it are pretty bad. I guess most ppl, including myself, were fooled by its brilliant trailer. The worst part is it only lasted just a little over an hour. What a waste of money + time.

I saw a Secret Recipe Pikachu chocolate banana cake for the first time. It was Zane’s cake. Kids nowadays get the best of everything!

Had some delicious Klang seafood for dinner last night with some colleagues. I salute this fly. Just when our vegetables were served, this hero flew straight into it.. and died.