– Zenith ™ says (10:00 AM):
some of the annual dinner pics so scary

Indeed. Those pics can be found here (click!). Check out the close-ups. *shudders* Last Friday was my company’s annual dinner at the Renaissance Hotel which I didn’t attend. Some of them only got back at 5 in the morning!

I was thinking.. maybe I rush things too much. I know I irritate many ppl when I rush. Everyone else is just so.. slow. I am not kiasu, just.. driven. Well there are the times when I procrastinante.. but I still get things done on time. Yes I want and like to get things done.. well.. on time! I absolutely hate waiting. And I can’t stand making others wait too.

I guess I got my answer today. I was rushing again.. and got myself in an accident. I hit another car. I paid RM150 to settle the other car’s damages. Thanks Erik for the consultation. The bill for my car will come tomorrow evening. A perfect start to 2007.

A gigantic chocolate chip cashewnut cookie made me feel much better. This video here helped a little too. The “worst woman driver ever”..