(E-mail Address Not Verified) says (8:59 AM):
tell u a joke
I dreamt of u the other nite…
I dreamt that ask u to do work u don’t want to…
then u scold me some more…ha..ha.
the rest I cannot remember liao
i dreamt of office lah…
work work work work…never ending…..sigh (E-mail Address Not Verified) says (9:09 AM):
yalor I woke up also I laugh…ha..ha.. (E-mail Address Not Verified) says (9:10 AM):
u so fierce in my dream
u storm out of the room after scolding me..ha..ha..
I can’t remember I was with someone in the office also
then we say aiyo Alvin so irresponsible.

I do leave a lot of bad impressions at work. To think Chan called me to ask if I was interested to go back to SL. I miss the money tho.

Took the opportunity to go for lunch with Jenifer and Maggie since I am on leave today. Went to the Ipoh White coffee place at Sunway Mas. The food there is still as good, the company better.

Raising USD50 billion for 9MP projects through two dubious companies? – Lim Kit Siang

Wonderful pic = Tokyo Nightscape on Flickr

Rocking to.. Papa Roach’s Infest!

I finally got my air con fixed and it cost me 800 bucks. They had to change the whole thing. At least they didn’t charge for other minor tweaks at the window and absorbers. 2007 is indeed going to be a financially challenging year for me.

If anything, this video of goalkeeping blunders lightened up my day. I laughed so hard watching it.. I showed it to Fiona and then locked myself in my room to laugh somemore!