Listening to this album now. I think it’s great so far. Rock on dudes!!

oui ooh si chi wat lung

That’s one of the kampung quotes from my mom. It literally translates as “want to shit only dig hole”. Yes that’s how they do their business last time. She usually follows it up in Cantonese with “the shit all also come out already”. I guess you can say that I have a lot of shit to deal with at different levels.

No, I can not be tamed. I will not be tamed. I am of the wild. I treasure my freedom above every other thing. I used to long for it so, so much. Now I can not get enough of it. Yes there are limits, but it’s for my interpretation to determine them. Do not chastize me.

Watched the Night At The Museum movie today. It’s pretty good. I love Dexter the monkey. Furry litle bugger! Above is a one of my favourite scenes featuring him. I also like the Easter Island dude. Dum Dum,I want my gum gum!