Went back to APIIT for lunch. The walk there is crazy long. At least the weather wasn’t very hot. The food there is better than the food around our area. Must find the shorter route next time!

It hasn’t changed much. Almost everyone I know is gone. Now it is just a familiar building with unfamiliar faces.

PatrickW says (9:36 AM):
that savage is a real mother

His wiki post is pretty amusing, which reminds me of this ultra-hilarious incident.

PatrickW says (9:57 AM):
insuring your area

Billboard Message Shocks Passers-by

jared: double you tee eff

Chinese Teen Kills Self When Blind Date Turns Ugly (tq blinque)

– Zenith ™ says (9:50 AM):
– Zenith ™ says (9:51 AM):
kids nowadays….
are aspiring whores

Schoolgirls Competing To Be No.1 In Sex Game

What do crazy schoolgirls have in common with fishing in that article?? @@

Eye On Malaysia on LensaMalaysia Photochat – amazing shots!

Finally brought my headphones to office last week. Just leeched a bunch of albums off Jason’s PC:D There’s more where those came from. ARR!! We are the greatest pirates in the 7 seas!

Chris Tomlin – See the Morning
Matt Redman – Beautiful News
Nivea Soares – Fan the Fire
Panic! At The Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out