Listening to Joni Mitchell‘s Blue. She has influenced many musicians in this day and age. I have to say she is quite an amazing artist. Let me quote wikipedia:

Almost every song she composed on the guitar uses an open, or non-standard tuning; she has written songs in some 50 different tunings, which she has referred to as “Joni’s weird chords”.

Went to Cynthia’s house warming thingy just now. Again it was great to meet friends I haven’t met in a while. Everyone’s so old now. Yet they are the same.. in certain ways. Ah, how time flies.

I should learn to pack up when I reach my limit. I am always in a dilemma if I should wait or just go home. I shouldn’t try to stay? I should just go home? Alright. I’ll just stop bothering to try. Better go away than stay and complain. But I want to stay!!! ><

It’s 4 something in the morning. I’m so gonna suffer tomorrow. I hate it when I can’t sleep.