Everyone is talking about girls this morning. Let’s talk about men. Real men.

Inspired by : The Dirk Kuyt Foundation

I got a new shoe bag. The old one of 5 years broke. I acknowledge its great service throughout the years. Futsal yesterday with Barney and friends was great. It wasn’t easy to focus and be serious in that setting. Though I don’t want to be too serious like him and end up being cocky instead.

57 Tips for Writing your Term Paper – If I was still studying, I’d found this useful. It’s pretty true as I’ve used many of those myself!

When we were in college, we used to imagine having our own country. Now it can be done. We just have to convince this old bloke to give it to us.

The announcement of the Apple iPhone (click!) was yesterday. It looks very good. I like Apple cos they make everything so simple and beautiful. So those arguments regarding the lack of features do not merit discussion. The only problem is the price. Why would I pay that much for something so simple?

Another one on What Bart ought to have done (geek)

Another one on the government by Malaysian Today (tq shadowcaster) – Locking the door after the horse has bolted

Milk destroys health benefits of tea
But.. I enjoy my teh-ais! 😦

I can’t take it anymore. Eating burgers as a staple food is NOT a good idea. I shall not be tempted today.. pls pls pls pls..