Took a little time putting this post away. Maybe it’s the result of getting up at 7 every morning.

Oh Dear Lord! BEEEES! – some fun with bees 😀

Incidents may mar Malaysia’s tourism bid – more crap about the government.. but we all know whose money we want 😉

Remember Patrick Teoh? He’s always ruffled up a few feathers here and there. Interesting fella.

Anyway, it is back to TPM for me. The king burger there is still the best burger to have graced this earth. Turns out Joanne and Jack knows the area’s thereabouts pretty well. We took on the beef noodle in OUG on Friday, which was nice but expensive. Then we went to Sri Petaling for Tong Kee egg tarts which were awesome! I guess we’ll have more trips to those places in the near future *slurp* *slurp*

Just caught the Liverpool – Arsenal match just now which they lost 3-1. I hold Gerrard at fault for both the first two goals before they responded and tore Arsenal to shreds but just managed to score one. When they ran out of steam, Henry made sure of the result with a third and game over. Credit to Arsenal.

Liverpool did all they could and went down fighting. That was enough for the crowd to belt out a rendition of YNWA at a loss before the final whistle. That was also enough for me to hold on to when I face the consequences of watching the game tomorrow. All this is bad for my health.