Quotes of the Year [Part1 | Part2] from BBC Sports

Another amazing discovery – FootyTube.com

If you are really into footy, you’ve gotta see this! Funny stuff! The Best of 2006 by Guardian Unlimited

Thanks to Jon and the guys, as well as my mom and family, they were able to accomodate me.. and I was able to go to the yummilicious Kokkok restaurant on Jln Pudu! They were showing the Bolton game there too. A great start to the new year with good food and football. Wanted to go to Swensens on the way back, but I resisted as I had to make a delivery. Kathy was a dear helping me with them.

Going back to Jln Pudu after so long brought back some memories. It’s been more than a year since I last went there. Today I went to my new office in TPM and just as the lift opened I was staring face to face with KWL! Cool! It was great to meet her again.

Yes it was my first day at TPM .. but we had to go back to Phileo because of some logistic problems. The rombongan didn’t wait for me, I tried to take the road they were talking about and got lost. Real lost. I was halfway to Seremban.. and when I got back to office HuiYing asked me why I didn’t buy back some siew pau -_-