Listening to – Dido’s Life for Rent album. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that.

Yesterday was my last day in Phileo Damansara. Didn’t get a chance to have a last dinner with Geri nor a last lunch with Jenifer. Hope I like the new place. I don’t know if we can take certain liberties like we used to.

Went to the Curve until pretty late. Haha! Took a few pictures and went to Sun Comic when almost everyone felt like a kid again šŸ˜€ Jason bought a Kon pillow (pic). I was tempted too.. They’ve got new stock too!! It’s just that I just bought something wayyyyy more expensive before that ><

Watched D.gray-man up to chapter 8 now. At times, it feels like watching a ciplak weird-ish anime. Even its title reeks of lame-ness. The music reminds me of 80s sci-fi shows.. which is nostalgic in a strange way. That said, it is still pretty good entertainment. It’s just.. weird..

I had the honour being selected by Patman to play with BanLee’s friends. I got a bit of a Midas touch today. Almost everything I touched turn to goals (slight exaggeration:P). Maybe it’s because of prolonged exposure to a particular hazardous substance for almost the whole day.

I finally understand what the commentators mean when they talk about the “Roy of the Rovers stuff“.

Totenham 0 – Liverpool 1 . Paddy came over for the match. Hassan Ghaly = noob. Enough said.

The Chelsea defence is comical without John Terry. Long may it continue. I began to dislike Drogba again because of his theatrics. Disgusting.

It’s another year. I am not a guy who reflects at the end of every year. I am one who likes to leave the past as the past and think about the future instead. Memories also create expectations.. no?

Finally get to drink Taipan’s sai-mai-lo tong sui again today šŸ™‚