Overslept this morning. Thank Charlene for the wake up call. She got me breakfast too 😀 RM1 for 4 yummy kuih at the section 17 market. Nice! My headache still won’t go away this morning. Guys, don’t ever start sleeping past 3am when you are 23. The effects will last you days.

The dwarves were all elated with Snow White’s return from Taiwan. She even brought back a bag of food for us. We really missed her, especially the wicked witch, and we now love her even more ><

Had the yummilicious pineapple fried rice and fried kuey-teow at section 17 for the last time today before moving to TPM next week 😦 I am not that greedy to eat them both by myself, that’s what Joanne is for.. to share the food! She even shares tissues with us. How environmentally thoughtful.

I like the catalogue (by name) at Despair.com. That’s where the cool pic from my last post came from. You can even create your own demotivator with their Parody Motivator Generator.

Proxy 4 Free – More alternatives to counter the current internet situation. Use those Australian proxies. source: jeffooi.com

Time.com: 50 Coolest Websites – The title doesn’t lie. It’s really cool.

Peekvid Anime – Jack gave me this cool website. A wonderful collection of anime on YouTube.

Jokers! At the Arsenal – Liverpool game which was postponed because of fog ..