Are you my friend? Do you think I think of you as my friend? What makes you, for the lack of a better word, “qualify” as my friend?

What is friendship anyway? I think friendship is, in a way, helping your friends get one step closer to their dreams. I have a dream. I finally know what I want. Knowing what my heart desires, and actually staring it in the face are two entirely different things.

Would you want to help me reach for my dream? I will surely treasure them as long as I can breathe. Every inch covered by them will be in the same spirit as your token of friendship. Just pledge an amount, any amount, to my cause. Just know that this gesture of faith will never ever be forgotten. Are you my friend?

The internet connection is severed today. Read more about it at Luckily or rather unluckily, YewWing got us a proxy so we can access international sites. We can then resume our work in peace (as if). There will always be obstacles to work. The next obstacle to conquer is..