The mini holidays are over. I face work tomorrow morning with the fact that I have a mini crisis on my hands which is too late to be averted. Forget that, it’s a problem for tomorrow. That aside I did made certain discoveries which came to realization.

I guess there are certain lifestyles I can not indulge in anymore. I don’t have as much time as I used to which I can live my dreams. I can not spend my time into the gaming or football lifestyles anymore. It’s not just the occasional game or programme, but you can only fully enjoy certain things if you are into it wholeheartedly. I guess I’ve to move on now. I just hate to be missing out when my friends share their fun. I must move on.

I had little expectations when I went to watch Eragon on the silver screen after reading so many discouraging reviews. I guess watching the movie is okay if you haven’t read the book. Anyway I thought the movie was pretty good if you are not expecting anything original. I’ve heard the books are much better. I might just get my hands on them if I have the chance (or money).

Blackburn 1 – Liverpool 0. A good game, notwithstanding the result. IMHO, the game was lost in the first half when Liverpool didn’t take their chances. At half-time Mark Hughes, the manager of Blackburn, earned his wages by firing his team-up for the second half. They didn’t need much encouragement on the back of the 6-2 drubbing from Arsenal just a couple of days ago. They aren’t a bad team too.

So.. thanks to some luck and a lapse of concentration from the Liverpool backline, they took the lead and hung on to it with their lives. Credit to them, the game was won and it was a good game to watch! I think Liverpool were perhaps a little over-eager (for once) to win the game. They could have used their brains more instead of huffing and puffing to blow down a brick house.

Just pick the door lock.

That’s something only an experiened head can provide. Hope they mature into a better side quickly and spare me the misery ><