Why is they so selfish? They just care about their own agendas. I just want to kill them sometimes. On second thought, I am a prime example of those people. So I should just shut up and make better decisions when dealing with them and others too.

decisions.. decisions.. 🙄

The Saku-Saku brand of potato crips is a Pringles rip-off. It comes in a copy of the Pringles can, and looks like Pringles. But it is much tastier than Pringles! I don’t really like Pringles since they changed the recipe. Go check Saku-Saku out in your local supermarket. It is not exactly healthy, so consumption is moderate amounts is advised. Warning : it is highly addictive and may spoil your meals.

I didn’t have a properly meal the whole day.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ave Maria is stuck in my head =.=