Finally finished reading Kane & Abel. I enjoyed it and didn’t realise that it is a 1979 classic until today. It’s not a book I’d usually pick up to read, but I don’t pick up many books to read anyway. It sure was a breath of fresh air.

Watered down beer is one thing, watered down root beer is just ..

The wise (crap) words of Patrick. A&W really disappointed us last night. To make things right, tonight was fun at JW’s dinner thingy. Taboo (tq jon) was interesting and it was good to meet a few old faces. But I want to smack him for giving me a bottle of sweet hot peri-peri sauce. I don’t know what to do with it.

Stayed past 4am these two nights. I did that on purpose when I realized how “old” I am getting since I haven’t stayed up so late recently. I used to do that a whole lot when I was younger. Now I better stop sounding old before I fall asleep on the chair.

How Google Earth killed Santa – a good humorous read

John Bishop is pretty funny in his LFC vlog. You can watch the second of the series, the Xmas One, on YouTube. Here’s another vid of Dirk Kuyt singing at the Dutch Eredivisie Awards. Wonderful content from, another great forum I stumbled upon.

Started watching D.Gray-man. The storyline and animation got pretty weird for me at first and took some getting used to. However it got better as the story unfolds and I think.. we’re in for a ride!