A Xmas Flash for the festive season.

This is so stupidly cool! Some idiot trying to change his college GPA..

PCWORLD – The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006

It’s official. My office is moving to TPM in Bt Jalil next year. The food there sux and so is the parking, which means we can’t drive out for food. The parking is like 15 mins away from the place. The only good thing is we can wear casual. No jeans though.. so what am I going to do with all my shirts and ties?

I have a new favourite band – The Fray. Both their singles released so far, Over My Head (Cable Car) and How to Save a Life, are great. Keep ’em coming guys!

Was happy to have a rare session of futsal today. Gerald made a rare appearance today and it’s always better to play together with more friends. I scored 2 and dedicate them to mon chéri . It could’ve been a whole lot more if I wasn’t so clumsy T_T I also won the crossbar challenge, hitting the bar from half-court twice, as opposed to none from the others. Muahahaha! The force is strong in me today.

*Donald Duck singing.. ‘tis the season to by jolly, tralalalalalalala” *

sca1lywag.tk says (11:36 AM):
oi your phone ringing
Ja¢k²™ says (11:36 AM):
sca1lywag.tk says (11:36 AM):
really or not
Ja¢k²™ says (11:40 AM):
rang very long?
sca1lywag.tk says (11:43 AM):
quite la
Ja¢k²™ says (11:43 AM):
damn… malu nya
sca1lywag.tk says (11:43 AM):
lucky i message u
your music damn loud izzit
Ja¢k²™ says (11:43 AM):
yah la.. cos i on house mode
house mode no vibrate.. and loud ringtone

He was wearing headphones listening to dunowat, and his phone was ringing so loud in his pocket I could hear it from the back and he didn’t even know -_-

And yesterday I told him his car was in B3, because I thought it was there. That made him search the whole B3 for his car.. when his car was actually in B2. That makes us even.