I think I read too much manga and did too little work today 😛 Fat Luffy is so cute!

Sometimes I can’t help looking at my msn list and cringe at the nicknames. I guess it’s the natural phenomenon of ppl getting more serious in their relationships as they grow older.

I can finally wholeheartedly agree with the statement that certain people make good friends but terrible working colleagues.

My mom said she wanted to buy the tongkat candy in Watsons but they’ve ran out of it. I thought she wanted to buy tongkat Ali candy for me.. which came as a huge shock. Then I realized she was talking about candy canes. Silly me.

This morning, I got a phone call from an irrate cousin complaining about me then asking me to wireless router by today. He was very rude, to say the least, and hung up on me. I called his mom about the router problem and I think she decided to buy them a new wireless router just because Mr Cousin wants to complete his assignment by Friday morning before they go overseas.I could’ve fixed it by the time they get back, and she can just save a few hundred bucks. For crying out loud, he can use his brother’s computer or even go to Starbucks or something to do his “work”. Kids nowadays.