I had to remove the “smack that” personal message in msn because I was getting disturbing messages from MingKeet and Keith. That’s apart from the fact that they’ve been serenading me with their (terrible) rendition of the song everytime we meet.

I’ve never entered office any later than today on a normal working day. We had the nerve to go to ONS in Paramount for breakfast. We then had lunch in section 17 today in a restaurant called “under the tree”. No one knows or remembers the name of the place and it will always be known to us as “under the tree”. We like the place because the food there is so cheap!

I feel guilty. I was at my aunt’s new place and was trying to help Shaun configure his wireless router’s security settings. I took a wrong step and I basically locked that router out from the inside. Support for the problem is difficult to source since it’s at 2003 product. I didn’t know that there are actually worse things than Liverpool drawing Barca for the CL knockout stages.